NieuwsMaak kennis met de single tube scanner van HQ-Healthcare

De nieuwe Single Tube Scanner van HQ-Healthcare en Datalogic maakt het mogelijk om eenvoudig de barcode op de coronatestmonsters te scannen. De eerste laboratoria maken hier inmiddels succesvol gebruik van.

“That’s how the #Healthcare industry can concretely boost its activities leveraging the ultimate automatic data capture solutions – visit to discover more ones. The Single Tube Scanner is a lab #barcode reader for scanning tube ID codes for traceability and instant data input in LIMS (Lab Information Management System), designed by HQ Healthcare and based on Datalogic’s imaging and decoding technology.

The reader automatically scans all tube types without the need of a prior configuration – reading all 2D and 1D codes on microtubes, cryo and glass tubes, and other labware. Its robust metal chassis, glass scanning window and easy USB connectivity make this solution ideal for use in multiple lab applications.”

Lees meer over deze data capture oplossing via onze Zorghardware pagina of de website van Datalogic